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About the Company:

Zetexa is a technology company, revolutionizing the way travelers, international students and globetrotters access mobile services globally. Anybody, anywhere in the world can access Zetexa Mobile or Web App and purchase Data & Voice. If you have an eSIM enabled phone you are five minutes away from accessing calling packs from over 180 countries. Right now travelers are paying exorbitant prices and at Zetexa we intend to provide local rates to global travelers.

At Zetexa we are building cutting edge technology to enable partners launch their own eSIM Brands helping them leverage existing brand affinity and customer base to create a whole new business line. Imagine a travel partner, or an influencer, or an Instagram celebrity launching eSIMs with their brand for their followers.

About the Founders:

At Zetexa, our founders are global telecom experts who've worked with major Telecom Operators and Aggregators (MNO, MVNX) and have led ground-breaking SaaS companies in over 20 countries. With IIT and IIM backgrounds, they bring a world of business know-how to the mix.

Heading our innovation drive is our visionary CTO, a PhD holder in Communications Engineering from USA. With a whopping 22 years of experience at global communication giants, our CTO leads our dynamic tech squad, steering us toward a future of super-smooth connectivity.

About Investors:

Zetexa is a fully funded organization with investments backed by family office of a listed corporate having operations of over 30 years and market capital of over 800 mn USD.

Our Culture

We encourage everyone to think big, share wild ideas, and spark innovation.

Here, every voice counts, diversity rocks, and having a life outside work is totally a thing. Our culture is like the best mix of a start-up’s excitement and the class of big players. It's where talent shines, ideas take flight, and global connections happen. Join us on our journey as we empower you to stay effortlessly connected while exploring the world.

Our Work Culture

Our Products Cater To


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Our Products Cater To

Ultra Cool Travelers

We give them access to high speed data at very low costs, across the globe. No Boundaries and No Limtis.

Ambitious Students

We help them get a local number of a their foreign land. This gives them safety and security away from home. They can have a number to fill forms and network with friends before landing in their destination.

Gadget Manufacturers

Gadgets need high speed data and also they know no boundaries. manufacturers can leverage our eSIMs and create a eSIM brand of their own. We help them do that without any Capex.

Open Positions

We encourage everyone to think big, share wild ideas, and spark innovation.